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Our goal is to encourage civil and real conversations about our differences, while making a positive impact in our communities.


For over a decade we have been concerned with the division around the world. A division we actively participated in at times. We noticed people were not taking the time to sit and talk about the issues in a meaningful way. We watched friendships that spanned a lifetime end.  We saw family members disown each other. This was a big problem to us. Within that problem we saw an opportunity to do good. Thick-Skinned is our way of addressing divisive issues in a deeper way. There is nothing more rewarding than opening a mind, especially when it is our own.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and it doesn’t matter how close or distant that relationship is to us. We must learn to effectively communicate to live in harmony. There is no other path forward, and forward is the only way to go. Through our content and merchandise, Thick-Skinned hopes to encourage peace and acceptance through effective communication. Help us to do so with your support. 

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